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Tui Thai Cooking Class in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Learn to cook Traditio​nal Thai Food with Tui


The class will take half a day at a cost of £85 per person in a small group of up to 6 or for private class prices please see Thai Cooking Private Class page. In summer the classes are outdoors or in Tui's ample kitchen when the weather gets cooler. These are the dates for group classes, if you would like to choose a date for a private class, please get in touch.

Next class:              

Sat 25th May - 2 spaces available

Sat 1st Jun - 2 space available

Sun 2nd Jun - Full - Tai Chi & Thai lunch retreat spaces available

Sat 8th Jun - Full - outside catering

Sun 23rd Jun - Full - Yoga & Thai lunch retreat 

Sun 30th Jun - Full - private class

Sun 7th July - Watercolour workshop with Thai lunch 3 spaces available

Sun 14th July - Full - private class

Tue 23rd July - Full - private class

Sat 27th July - 2 spaces available

Fri 2nd Aug - Full - outside catering

Sat 3rd Aug - 2 spaces available

Sun 4th Aug -  Full - Yoga & Thai Lunch retreat

Sat 10th Aug - 4 spaces available

Sun 11 Aug - Full - Flower arranging class with Thai lunch

Sat 17th Aug - 6 spaces available

Sun 18th Aug - Flower arranging class with Thai lunch spaces available

Sun 25th Aug - 6 spaces available

Sat 31th Aug - Watercolour workshop with Thai lunch spaces available

Sun 1st Sep - 6 spaces available

Sat 7th Sep - 6 spaces available

Sun 8th Sep - Full - Pilates & Thai lunch retreat

Sat 14th Sep - 6 spaces available

Sun 15th Sep - Pilates & Thai lunch retreat 5 spaces available

Sat 21th Sep - 6 spaces available

Sun 22th Sep - Yoga & Thai lunch retreat 5 spaces available

Time: starts at 12.00 for approximately four hours 

Refreshments and all ingredients are included.  Just bring yourself and containers.  We will cook a minimum of three dishes, we will taste them in my dining room and there will be plenty of delicious food to take home after the class.

The class will cover some of the most amazing, best-known dishes:

  • Crispy deep fried Spring rolls, Fish cakes, Rice pork curry ball, Curry puff or Thai Dumpling
  • Fresh Green Papaya Salad, Pomelo salad or Larb Moo
  • Authentic Chicken green curry,  Red curry, Massaman curry, Panang curry or Jungle curry
  • Tom Yum (Hot and Sour soup) or Tom Ka (coconut soup)
  • Pad Thai (Stir fried rice noodle with bean sprout)
  • Pad Krapow (Stir fried chilli, spring onion & sweet basil)
  • Sweet & Sour, Chicken Ginger, Pork belly with green bean or Egg fried rice
  • Or if in a group, your choice (with a bit of notice!!)
Tui also teaches Vegan dishes please let Tui know when booking.

The pleasure in Thai cooking resides in discovering the delicate balance between hot, sour, fragrant, sweet and salty flavours.  This class will encourage you to develop your sense of smell and taste whilst at the same time creating incredible food.  If you love Thai food, this class is a perfect way to learn how to incorporate ingredients and flavours to create fantastic dishes allowing you to make lovely Thai food at home.

To book the class or to get Gift vouchers please give Tui a call on tel. 07557 806276 or email:


Facebook: Tui's Food

Facebook: Tui's Flowers

Some of Menu Items

Green curry

Green curry

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

Spring Rolls

Spring rolls

Papaya Salad

Papaya salad

Tom Yum

Tom Yum

Tom Ka

Tom Kha

Jungle curry

Jungle Curry

Pork belly with green bean

Pork belly with green bean and chill paste

Chicken Ginger and Spring onion

Chicken Ginger with spring onion

Larb Moo

Labb moo (spicy pork salad)

Crispy pork rice balls

Crispy pork rice curry ball

Thai Fish Cakes

Fish cakes

Red curry butternut

Red curry butternut

Chicken cashnewnut

Chicken cashewnut

Chicken chilli & holy basil

Chicken chilli and holy basil

Chicken sweet & sour

Chicken sweet & sour

Egg fried rice

Egg fried rice

Curry puff

Curry puff

Panang curry

Panang curry

Squid salad

Squid salad

Pork Skewers

Pork Skewers

Massaman curry

Massaman curry

Kanoom Jeep

Kanoom Jeep

Kanoom Jeep

Red curry

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