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Thai Cooking Private Class

Private Thai Cooking Classes

Private classes are for families, friends or partners and can be on a one to one basis or anywhere up to larger groups of up to 10 where the class is more of an interactive cooking demonstration. For private classes you can chose the dishes of your choice and, of course, enjoy the fruits of your labours by eating your endeavours!


Private classes for smaller groups are generally held in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in my ample kitchen..I generally reserve weekends for open classes, therefore,  weekdays are generally more appropriate for private classes.


What is a private class?


The aim of the class is that by the end of it you will be able to source the ingredients and prepare and cook them in your own home. In smaller classes you will be doing all the preparation and cooking, tasting and eating. The style of my teaching is to make the class enjoyable, interesting and more than anything else fun, with an appetising outcome, classic Thai traits!


I will describe the ingredients we use in Thai cooking and how Thai cooking is not constrained by rules.  There are hundreds of Thai dishes. Each dish has its own characteristics in flavour and features. Thai Cuisine is well-known for being hot and spicy and for its balance of five fundamental flavours in each dish or the overall meal – hot (spicy), sour, sweet, salty, and bitter (optional). Thai food is also known for its enthusiastic use of fresh (rather than dried) herbs and spices as well as fish sauce. Each Thai dish has more than 3-4 flavours. The ingredients of each dish helps to not only harmonise all different flavours but also to make it mouth-wateringly delicious. The essence of Thai cooking is to check, taste and make adjustments as you cook so the dish is perfectly to your liking. As well as recipes, this is what I teach.


The menu


You choose the dishes you want to cook in your private Thai Cooking Class. Its your class, you choose. The only caveat I have to this is availability of ingredients, but we can generally use more than acceptable substitutes as appropriate if necessary.



The prices below are for a four hour class learning four dishes. The cost is as follows per person:- 


1 to 1 £250

2 people £150

3 people £110

4 people £95

5 People £90

6 People £85


What does the class include?


•A private class based on your wishes

•Tuition by myself

•Introduction to Thai ingredients and herbs.

•All ingredients for cooking.

•Hands on preparing and cooking.

•Sitting down to enjoy what you have cooked together, with plenty left to take home

•A glass or two of wine or beer if you wish to bring some

•Easy to follow recipes to take back with you


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